REWA & RGWA Type Stream Absorption Chiller

This chiller achieves excellent engrgy efficiency over the entire operating range, from the rated load to prolonged partial load, with an inverter-controlled solution pump.

1.Shorter start-up time

This chiller optimizes the circulating amount of solution at the time of start-up to reduce the start-up time.

2.Minimizes the dilution time during the stop process

The chiller judges the operation status at the time of stop to determine the optimum dilution time.
The chiller can prevent extra dilution operation that reduces the energy-saving effect.

3.Equipped with an auxiliary equipment interlocking circuit as standard

The chiller is equipped with and interlocking circuit for the chilled water/cooling water pump and cooling tower fan as standard. Equipped with as start-stop circuit for the cooling tower fan as standard, including a thermosensor, the chiller helps to reduce the cost of equipment.

4.Digitally displays the operation status

The chiller has a control panel that can digitally display data required for operation control, such as the chilled water temperature, cooling water temperature, solution temperature, and operation time, on an individual basis.

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