RHSDW-V Type Screw Modular Chiller

This compact water-cooled modular chiller is equipped with the latest technologies, such as a high-performance semi-hermetic screw compressor and a stainless steel blazed heat exchanger. It can be used in a wide variety of applications, such as air conditioning and industrial use in the food industry.

1.Features a compact structure

This chiller, which uses a screw compressor with a 2-pole motor and plate heat exchangers, is much more compact compared to conventional typpes.

2.Easy to transport

Individual modules are compact and can be transported separately, allowing for load-in through narrow passages.

3.Operates with a smaller amount of refrigerant

The chiller uses HFC-407C as refigerant.
The required amount of refrigerant is small (28kg). * For RHSCW200M1.

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