No Maintenance No Long Life

We can supply a variety of maintenance for the chiller and cooling tower.
In order to keep stable operation and long life, please consider the periodical maintenance service.

In order to use “Centrifugal,Absorption, Screw chiller”and “Cooling tower” for a long time, it is indispensable to check and inspect daily operating conditions.

For Chiller, We offer periodical maintenance contracts, total disassembly and maintenance (overhaul), and upgrades to new models with excellent energy saving efficiency for customers after the second year of delivery.

For Cooling tower, We reccomed to replace the operation parts through operation conditon.


To ensure the long-lasting use to chillers and chiller/heaters, daily operation checks and inspections are essential. After the completion oftest runs of newly installed equipment, we offer our customers maintenance contracts, use of our overhaul service, and replace-ment to new models with higher energy efficiency


Periodical Maintenance
Annual Maintenance (one time / year)
  • Clean cooling water tube
  • Replace filter
  • Check electrical & safety device
  • Solution analysis, etc…
Routine Maintenance (few times / year)
  • Check apparent condition
  • Check operating and performance
  • Inspect auto purge unit working, etc…
Overhaul Maintenance
Overhaul Maintenance (every few years)
  • Overhaul caned pump, vacuum pump and compressor
  • Replace electrical & safety device
  • Chemical cleaning
  • Perform checking sequence, etc…

Cooling Tower

Periodical Maintenance
Maintenance to keep stable performance and long life
Replacement of Parts

2.Driving parts (motor, bearing box & v-belt)
3.Sprinkler equipment